Recruiting and Headhunting

Our Partner.

Throughout the years we have set up and established an extensive Network. Therefore, together we are able to find the right one who is best suited for you and to you.

Your Path.

To change your job is not always an easy decision. For this reason, we accompany you through the whole process from beginning to end and more.

The Diversity.

Everyone has different perceptions, ideas and expectations regarding the perfect work environment. Do you need a glass wall or unicorn wallpaper? Together, we will help you find the perfect surroundings where you feel comfortable and well.

Our Experience.

We have many years of experience working in agencies. We know exactly what is expected and what does not work. With Headstart we live the “Best of” from this time: to talk to one another and to understand the wants and needs.

Our Network …

… is also your network. We know (almost) everyone – the top Creatives, Leaders/Drivers in the branch through to Bookkeeping and Personal Assistants in Germany and throughout the world.

The Co-operation.

Together we find out exactly what and whom you are looking for. Only when your requirements and expectations of the candidate are congruent will it match for us and all the parties involved. In short, matches instead of adapting.

Our Path.

We take it personally and that is good. We discuss everything with all our clients and candidates. Besides Potentials and Positions we also offer our experience and knowledge as coaches for Start Ups and companies.