In 2014 Headstart was founded as a pure Recruiting agency. Our existing network of agencies and candidates are well taken care of and at the same time we are continually growing and developing. Throughout Germany we work together with Start Ups, Owner-operated agencies as well as large Networks. Our agile team of experienced professionals allows us to find the right positions from Junior to Head of, from Creative to Consultant and On- and Offline.

Since 2019 we offer under the umbrella of our “House of Service” additional advice, support and jump-start: in the field of recruiting, as interim and outsourced HR management, in the form of consulting, coaching and workshops.

The big picture is more than the sum of individual parts. In which each individual, team member contributes to a major part in each area. Altogether, we can cover an enormous performance spectrum without losing sight of the individual challenges. Always keep the big picture in mind with focus on detail whilst never losing the joy of working together with one another and with our clients.

Recruiting and Headhunting

Our Partner.

Throughout the years we have set up and established an extensive Network. Therefore, together we are able to find the right one who is best suited for you and to you.

Your Path.

To change your job is not always an easy decision. For this reason, we accompany you through the whole process from beginning to end and more.

The Diversity.

Everyone has different perceptions, ideas and expectations regarding the perfect work environment. Do you need a glass wall or unicorn wallpaper? Together, we will help you find the perfect surroundings where you feel comfortable and well.

Our Experience.

We have many years of experience working in agencies. We know exactly what is expected and what does not work. With Headstart we live the “Best of” from this time: to talk to one another and to understand the wants and needs.

Our Network …

… is also your network. We know (almost) everyone – the top Creatives, Leaders/Drivers in the branch through to Bookkeeping and Personal Assistants in Germany and throughout the world.

The Co-operation.

Together we find out exactly what and whom you are looking for. Only when your requirements and expectations of the candidate are congruent will it match for us and all the parties involved. In short, matches instead of adapting.

Our Path.

We take it personally and that is good. We discuss everything with all our clients and candidates. Besides Potentials and Positions we also offer our experience and knowledge as coaches for Start Ups and companies.


Start Up Support

All beginnings are difficult. Who said that? We didn’t. We support you. No matter if you are at the beginning or already a small agency. In order for you to be able to concentrate and carry on with all the other things you need to do instead of thinking of everything that needs to be completed, we offer the following individual services.

  • Agile work
  • Award Management
  • Booking an Office Manager
  • Events
  • Job Administration
  • Office Management
  • On-/ Offboarding
  • Preparing the bookkeeping
  • Recruiting (full time and Freelancing)
  • Setting up structures and processes
  • Setting up the Human Resource department

Human Resources

A personal department also needs personnel and every now and then also support on a temporary basis. We help and support you to set up your Human Resource department. We also offer our services on a temporary basis in the following areas:

  • Agile work
  • Application management training
  • Data bank
  • Employee Appraisals
  • Employer branding
  • On/Offboarding
  • Recruiting interims
  • Workshops/Coachings

Seek & Scout

Looking for partners is also in the agency world. Either you have a small creative boutique and you are looking for the right suitable partner to approach or a large company is looking for a specialised agency. In order for it to “match” best case – “love at first sight” we support you through our network and through our professional coupling qualities.


On our premises we have more than enough space for further Education, new themes and personal development. Because one thing that our team and Headstart stands for is to always be on the move and never to remain still.

The next events:

  • Because of Covid 19, no workshops are currently planned.

For further information, please write to anne@headstart.today


A further extension of our Offers is to share with you our many years of professional experience in Human Resources and Agencies- in the context of individual coachings based on the following themes:

  • Professional development
  • Application training
  • CV and Portfolio checks
  • Personal Coaching


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Lis: +49 (0) 151 527 025 56
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